TB Vaccine Clinical Pipeline

This Pipeline provides information on vaccine candidates in clinical development. Click here to view candidates in preclinical development.

Please note that the stage of development listed in this pipeline is the latest stage in which the candidate is being tested, some candidates may also have trials in earlier stages in different populations or with different developers (see note at bottom of page for additional information on clinical phase designation). Click on the candidate name for more detailed information. To filter vaccine candidates by platform, target indication, and/or target population, click on the "Sortable Pipeline button" button.

For more information about this Pipeline, please review the Terms of the TB Vaccine Pipeline.

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Phase 1


McMaster Univ, CanSino


BioNTech, Gates Foundation


BioNTech, Gates Foundation




Smorodintsev Res Inst of Influenza, Min of Health, Russia

Phase 2a


Anhui Zhifei Longcom


Univ Oxford

ID93+GLA-SE (QTP101)

Quratis (QTP101); NIAID/NIH (ID93+GLA-SE)

BCG appears twice in the Pipeline to distinguish between the investigation of its use in BCG-naive individuals (traveler vaccination) and in individuals who have previously been vaccinated with BCG (revaccination).

Pipeline updated 8 January 2024
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*Note on clinical phase designation
For a vaccine candidate to be designated in a clinical phase in this Pipeline, the trial sponsor must have sufficient funding committed to complete the trial, the protocol must have received applicable regulatory authority and ethics committee approvals, and the trial must be registered in a recognized national or international clinical trial database. Pipelines published by other organizations may have different criteria for listing a candidate in a clinical phase and may differ from the Pipeline displayed here.

The TB Vaccine Pipeline (“Pipeline”) is provided for informational purposes. The information used in this Pipeline (“Information”) was reported by the sponsor/lead developer or found in the public domain associated with the specific candidate and should be considered “as is.” The Stop TB Partnership Working Group on New TB Vaccines does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of any of the Information displayed in this Pipeline. Use of any such Information, for whatever purpose, shall be at the user’s own risk and liability.