Phase of Development

Phase 1

Vaccine Platform

Protein / Adjuvant

Candidate Overview

H107e/CAF®10b is being developed by SSI and is a next-generation TB subunit vaccine incorporating 8 different Mtb antigens in a novel liposomal Th1/Th17 inducing adjuvant. It is specifically designed to complement a BCG response with novel T cells against Mtb-specific antigens and comes with the option of BCG co-administration.

Sponsor / Lead Developer: Statens Serum Institut

Clinical Trial Status: Active Trials

Primary Indication: Prevention of TB disease

Target Population(s): Adolescents, Adults, Infants, People living with HIV, People with Mtb infection, and People without Mtb infection

Target Route of Administration: Intramuscular

Clinical Trials

Registry NumberNCT06050356
Clinical Trial PhasePhase 1
Clinical Trial SponsorStatens Serum Institute
Primary endpoint(s) for this clinical trialSafety
Target population(s) for clinical trialAdults
People with Mtb infection
People without Mtb infection