TB Vaccine Candidate Submission Forms

WGNV is compiling information on TB vaccine candidates in development, from proof-of-concept in animal models through to phase 4 post-licensure studies, for a TB Vaccine Pipeline that is available for public use. To submit a vaccine candidate for inclusion in this pipeline or to provide an updated status on a candidate already included in the pipeline, please complete and submit the preclinical or clinical candidate submission form. By submitting information through this platform, you agree to have the information shared for public viewing and public use. Please do not submit confidential information or information that is not yet available for the public.

Click here to view the Terms of Reference for the TB Vaccine Pipeline.

The stages of development in the Pipeline align with the stages of development outlined in the TB Vaccine Development Pathway, which provides a proposed structured development path and suggested gating criteria and describes the different functions and capabilities typically required to advance a candidate TB vaccine to its next stage of development. Exceptions to this Pipeline alignment may be made in the case of licensed products being studied for public health and policy information purposes. The stage gates associated with phases of development are noted on the submission forms.

Information about vaccine concepts and candidates in earlier stages of development will be compiled as a future project. If you have a candidate in earlier stages of development, contact us to be notified when this process is underway.

If you have any questions about these forms or the TB Vaccine Pipeline, please contact us.