Published by the Stop TB Partnership, the Global Plan to End TB 2023-2030 is a costed plan and roadmap for a concerted response to TB aligned with the WHO End TB Strategy. The Global Plan also outlines a strategic framework for developing and deploying new TB vaccines through the end of the decade.

This framework is guided by the following priority actions for TB vaccine R&D:

  • Diversify and broaden the pipeline of next generation TB vaccine candidates by expanding research on Mtb immunology and basic mycobacteriology, and develop animal models that better reflect human infection and disease.
  • Provide resources and support to efficiently move a diverse range of vaccine concepts from the lab to the clinic.
  • Significantly accelerate clinical development of vaccine candidates and ensure sufficient financing, resources, and capacity to advance multiple promising candidates through efficacy trials and licensure without delay.
  • Conduct research on correlates of vaccine-induced protection during vaccine efficacy trials to inform vaccine design and expedite clinical trials of future vaccine candidates.
  • Work with countries and communities to prepare for successful licensure and roll-out of new TB vaccines once licensed.

Priority actions in the following areas will also be necessary to advance TB research and the development of new tools, including vaccines:

  • Invest in basic science research
  • Create an enabling environment for TB R&D
  • Apply best practices in community engagement throughout the R&D process
  • Apply access principles in rolling out and optimizing the use of new tools
  • Strengthen advocacy for TB R&D

The annual and total TB funding needs (US$ billions) for the R&D of new TB medicines, diagnostics and vaccines from 2023 to 2030:

ToolAnnual investment neededTotal investment needed

Global Plan New Tools

New Vaccines Strategic Framework 2023-2030


To develop new, more effective vaccines that will directly and safely prevent TB in all age groups and populations and are affordable and accessible to those who most need them.


  • Develop new TB vaccines that prevent TB infection, TB disease, and/or recurrence of TB disease following successful treatment of TB, thereby interrupting TB transmission
  • Incorporate the goal of equitable accessibility throughout the TB vaccine R&D process
  • Strengthen community engagement in TB vaccine R&D

Global roadmap for research and development of tuberculosis vaccines

In April 2021, the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) and the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD) launched a Global roadmap for research and development of tuberculosis vaccines (Global Roadmap).

The Global Roadmap identifies key barriers to TB vaccine R&D and implementation, ways to overcome them, and a shared set of priorities to guide TB vaccine R&D activities. The Global Plan’s strategic framework for TB vaccine R&D has been adapted to align with this Global Roadmap, and funding requirements were applied to these research priorities and activities. More details and information about these activities and priorities can be found in the Global Roadmap.

Priorities to advance TB VACCINE R&D