about the early career researcher network

The WGNV Early Career Researcher (ECR) Network is an informal network of people engaged or interested in TB vaccine research & development (R&D) who identify as an ECR and/or support the advancement of ECRs. The purpose of the ECR Network is to provide resources, support, and networking opportunities for ECRs. The ECR Network is led by a Steering Committee made up of ECRs.

The ECR Network coordinates activities to support and engage ECRs. These may include virtual networking sessions, online and in-person networking opportunities, workshops and talk to the experts sessions on topics that are important to ECRs, and opportunities to raise the visibility of ECRs in the TB vaccine R&D space.

Joining the ECR Network

The ECR Network is open to members of the WGNV who identify as an ECR and more senior researchers who want to contribute to activities to support ECRs. WGNV membership is free of charge and is open to anyone who is interested in and supportive of the development of new, more effective TB vaccines.

How do you define ECR?

WGNV does not have a specific definition for an ECR, as we recognize that people advance through their careers in different ways and timeframes. We leave it to the individual to determine if they identify as an ECR.

Do I have to identify as an ECR to join the Network?

WGNV recognizes that many of our colleagues in TB vaccine R&D are interested in supporting ECRs and helping them to advance their careers. We welcome senior researchers who want to support ECRs to join the ECR Network and contribute to its activities. However, some activities are intended as a space specifically for ECRs and may be limited to people who identify as ECRs.

Do I have to be involved in TB vaccine research to join the ECR Network?

You do not need to be directly involved in TB vaccine research to join the ECR Network. However, you should be engaged in research that will support the advancement of TB vaccines. This could include a broad range of research activities, including basic research, immunology, epidemiology, preclinical research, clinical research, behavioral research, implementation/operational research, etc. The fields of diagnostics and drug research as well as research in other disease areas can contribute to TB vaccine research and researchers engaged in these fields are welcome to join the ECR Network.

Do I have to join the ECR Network to participate in its activities?

Some activities are open for anyone to join, others are limited to members of the WGNV ECR Network.

How do I join the ECR Network?

To join the ECR Network, submit the WGNV membership form and indicate that you want to join the ECR Network. You can also indicate other WGNV priority areas that interest you.


Upcoming Activities

7 March 2024
Join the WGNV Early Career Researcher (ECR) Network for an online informal discussion and networking session among ECRs. This will also be a chance to let us know what activities and topics you would like the Network to explore in 2024.


3 April 2024
Anastasia Koch of Eh!woza will talk about how she became involved in community and public engagement (CPE). She will also discuss the importance of CPE to ensure vaccines are appropriately understood, taken up and trusted in communities that need the most, and how CPE also provides the opportunity to gain insights into perspectives of health challenges.


Past Activities

29 June 2023

Dr. Eileen Foy (Vir Biotechnology) spoke with participants about how her experience working in biotech and career path opportunities in the private sector.

30 March 2023
Alan Sher (NIAID, NIH) talked with participants about how to start up and maintain a successful research group, including managing the complex diversity of trainees while balancing the requirements and expectations of being a group leader.

15 February 2023
Mike Leipold (Stanford University School of Medicine) discussed opportunities to pursue and sustain a career in science without the pressure of the need or expectation to be a PI and/or Professor.

Read the blog summarizing the discussion sessions with Drs. Leipold and Sher.

29 September 2022
Virtual Coffee Corner online networking session

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