Leadership & structure

WGNV Structure

The WGNV Chair and Co-Chairs are responsible for leading, guiding and coordinating the Core Group, the WGNV, and  subgroups and task forces.

The WGNV Core Group guides the strategic direction and programs of the WGNV. It facilitates and accelerates decision making, identifies priority areas of work, and is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of the WGNV. The Core Group is constituency-based, representing the major stakeholder groups involved in TB vaccine research and development.

The WGNV Secretariat works in close collaboration with the Chair, Co-Chairs and Core Group to develop and implement the WGNV strategy and work plans, facilitate effective communications, and coordinate the WGNV and its programs.

WGNV membership is open to anyone with an interest in TB vaccine research and development. WGNV members have the opportunity to participate in WGNV subgroups and contribute to WGNV initiatives, in collaboraiton with WGNV leadership.

The WGNV is hosted by IAVI

Chair & Co-Chairs

David Lewinsohn Oregon Health and Science University (USA)


David Lewinsohn
Oregon Health and Science University (USA)
Frank Verreck TBVI (Netherlands)


Frank Verreck
TBVI (Netherlands)

Core Group Members (by constituency)

Academic Institutions: Richard G. White, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (UK)

Affected Communities: Rhea Lobo, Bolo Didi (Denmark and India)

Clinical Trial Sites: Michele Tameris, South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (South Africa)

Developed Country NGOs: Vacant. Applications being accepted through 16 December 2022. Click here for a position description and information on how to apply.

Early Career Researchers: Puck Pelzer, KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation (Netherlands); Paul Ogongo, University of California San Francisco (USA)

Funders: Ann Ginsberg, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (USA)

Global TB Vaccine Partnership: Michael Makanga (Netherlands)

IAVI: Lewis Schrager (USA)

Public Sector: Katrin Eichelberg, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases/National Institutes of Health (USA)

Private Sector/Industry: Eileen Foy, Vir Biotechnology (USA)

World Health Organization: Brigitte Giersing, Vaccine and Product Delivery Research, World Health Organization (Switzerland)


Jennifer Woolley, Secretariat (USA)
Mbali Mkohnza, Intern (South Africa)


The WGNV has recently revised its structure to include subgroups focused on specific areas, through which it will conduct its activities. Subgroups are open to all WGNV members unless otherwise indicated. If you would like to join a subgroup and you are not a WGNV member, submit the membership form and indicate the subgroup(s) you wish to join. If you are already a WGNV member and would like to join a subgroup, contact us.


The Advocacy subgroup develops materials and resources to raise awareness of TB vaccine research and support TB vaccine research advocacy efforts, and provides programs to build research literacy among advocates and affected communities. An advocacy coalition is currently in development that will provide a platform for advocates, researchers to discuss the latest updates and critical needs for TB vaccine R&D and how we can work together to advocate to meet those needs.

Knowledge Sharing and Dissemination of Information

The Knowledge Sharing and Dissemination of Information subgroup supports information sharing by providing online resources, convening the Global Forum, maintaining a TB vaccine pipeline, and leveraging other events such as the Union Conference to provide information about TB vaccine R&D to the broader TB community.

Building Consensus

The Building Consensus subgroup will provide a platform for discussion on key issues in TB vaccine R&D, including through workshops and consensus statements.

Supporting Academicians

The Supporting Academicians subgroup will develop initiatives and opportunities to engage, support, and connect academicians working in the field of TB vaccine R&D. The initial focus of the subgroup is developing initiatives for early career researchers.

Issues in Product Development

The Issues in Product Development subgroup  will serve as a clearinghouse for resources and information on product development, provide a platform to discuss key issue in product development, and assist in connecting researchers with potential development partners.