Phase of Development

Phase 1

Vaccine Platform

Viral Vector

Candidate Overview

AdHu5Ag85A (formerly Ad5Ag85A) is a recombinant type 5 human adenovirus vector which has been engineered to express Ag85A. The adenovirus construct is E1 and E3 deleted. AdHu5Ag85A consists of the MCMV promoter (start: 1724, end: 2251); tPA signal sequence (start: 1573; end: 1676); Ag85A (start: 685; end: 1572) and SV polyA signal (start: 483, end: 641). Administration is by intramuscular injection or by aerosol inhalation.

Sponsor / Lead Developer: McMaster University

Development partner(s): CanSino Biologics

Primary Indication: Prevention of Mtb infection or sustained infection

Other Indication(s): Prevention of TB disease

Target Population(s): Adults

Target Route of Administration: Aerosol and Intramuscular

Clinical Trials

Registry NumberNCT02337270
Clinical Trial PhasePhase 1
Clinical Trial SponsorMcMaster University
Primary endpoint(s) for this clinical trialSafety
Target population(s) for clinical trialAdults