Stage of Development

Proof of Concept – Animal Model

Vaccine Platform

Mycobacterial – Inactivated

Candidate Overview

Whole-cell Mtb vaccine, inactivated using SolaVAXTM technology. SolaVAXTM inactivation utilizes riboflavin (Vitamin B2) and ultraviolet (UV) light to modify pathogen’s nucleic acid structure, primarily through modification of guanine bases in a nonoxygen-dependent process utilizing the natural electron donor-acceptor chemistry associated with guanine and riboflavin, respectively.

Sponsor / Lead Developer: Colorado State University

Development partner(s): Solaris Vaccines

Primary Indication: Prevention of TB disease

Other Indication(s): Immunotherapy/Improving TB Cure Rates, Immunotherapy/Shortening TB treatment, and Prevention of Mtb infection or sustained infection

Target Population(s): Adolescents, Adults, Children, Elderly, Infants, People living with HIV, People with active TB, People with MDR-TB, People with Mtb infection, and People without Mtb infection

Target Route of Administration: Intramuscular

Immune tissue localization: Lung

Immunological responses: B-cell/Antibody and T-cell

Preclinical Animal Models: Mouse

Intended to elicit trained immunity: No

Additional Immunologic Response Information

Immune ResponseB-cell/Antibody
Preferential immune tissue localizationLung
Trained immunityNo