Resources about TB
and TB Vaccine R&D

  • WHO Preferred Product Characteristics for New Tuberculosis Vaccine presents WHO preferences for new tuberculosis vaccines, driven by the high medical need for contribution to the fight against TB, in alignment with the End TB strategy.
  • TB Vaccine Development Pathway, developed by IAVI and TBVI, is an online tool that provides a structured development path and gating criteria for TB vaccine candidates. It includes considerations for target populations,  vaccine platforms, and market, access and implementation, as well as guidance for  planning and operating community engagement activities.
  • Ready Next Time is a report by Campaigns in Global Health that maps the intersection between efforts to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response (PPPR) systems and efforts to end TB. It sets out how policymakers and funders can deliver impact across both agendas, saving lives today and tomorrow and helping to make the case for sustained investment in public health.
  • BCG World Atlas is an interactive map that provides detailed information on current and past BCG vaccination policies and practices for over 180 countries.

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Resources for Advocacy, Policy, and Funding

  • End TB Strategy from the World Health Organization’s Global TB Programme provides a 20-year strategy toward the goal of ending the TB epidemic, including research, development, and implementation of new tools.
  • Global Plan to End TB 2023-2030 is a costed plan and roadmap for a concerted response to tuberculosis (TB) aligned with the WHO End TB Strategy, including a strategic framework for TB vaccine R&D.
  • Report on Tuberculosis Research Funding Trends, published annually by TAG, tracks how much public, private, philanthropic, and multilateral institutions spend on TB research and development (R&D) across six areas of research: basic science, diagnostics, drugs vaccines, operational research, and infrastructure/unspecified projects.
  • An investment case for new TB vaccines summarizes the results of a full value proposition for new tuberculosis (TB) vaccines commissioned by WHO to provide early evidence for national and global decision-makers involved in TB vaccine development and implementation, who include stakeholders involved in vaccine research, financing, regulation and policy-making, manufacturing, introduction and procurement. A Q&A on how this work can be best used for TB vaccine advocacy is available here.
  • Words Matter, published by Stop TB Partnership, is a communications tool for partners, stakeholders, and anyone affected or working in TB. The guide is a key instrument to encourage positive change, sensitize, promote appropriate language, end the stigmatization, and empower people affected by TB.
  • New TB vaccines needed to tackle AMR shares a collective call to decision-makers to prioritize TB vaccine R&D as a signature piece of global health and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) agendas. The brief, from the TB Vax ARM, draws on the latest research in health and economic modelling to demonstrate how new TB vaccines could significantly help control drug-resistant TB, in a cost-effective and affordable way.
  • The Urgent Need for New TB Vaccines, published by the TB Vaccine Advocacy Roadmap (TBVaxARM), provides information and talking points about the importance of TB vaccines to meeting global targets to end TB and the need to invest in TB vaccine research and development.
  • Modeling in TB vaccine development provides an overview of mathematical modeling for TB vaccines, like public health impact and cost-effective modeling, and how modeling can be used to support TB vaccine advocacy efforts.
  • A Deadly Divide: TB Commitments vs TB Realities. Developed by the Stop TB Partnership Communities, Developing Country NGO, and Developed Country NGO Delegations to the Board with input from more than 1,000 civil society and affected community partners from 92 countries, this report lays out priorities and six calls to action that are required to end the TB epidemic.
  • Video - Phumeza Tisile talk about her challenges in facing extensively drug-resistant TB, her vision of a TB free world, and how we can achieve it with new TB vaccines.
  • Joint Statement: WHO Director-General and the Civil Society Task Force on TB, a call for increased political commitment and accountability in preparation for the 2023 UN High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis.
  • TB Research Investments Provide Returns in Combating Both TB and COVID-19 is a policy brief published by Treatment Action Group (TAG) that explores the impact of COVID-19 on TB research and development (R&D), and how tools, concepts, capacity, and infrastructure established through years of public and donor investments in TB R&D have informed and jump-started COVID-19 research and responses.

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Resources for Community Engagement

  • Tuberculosis Vaccines and Clinical Trialspublished by IAVI, provides information about TB, vaccines, and clinical trials in an illustrative and easy to understand booklet.
  • Being Part of Tuberculosis Vaccine Clinical Trials is a speaking book published by Books of Hope in collaboration with Aeras, that provides potential clinical trial participants with information about tuberculosis and what is involved in participating in a clinical trial. The information is in both English and Afrikaans.

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Recent Scientific Publications

May 2023 Publications

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