Stage of Development

Preclinical Evaluation

Vaccine Platform

Mycobacterial – Live Attenuated

Candidate Overview

BCG::ESX-1Mmar is a recombinant BCG strain into which the extended region of the ESX-1-encoding genomic region of Mycobacterium marinum was integrated.

Sponsor / Lead Developer: Institut Pasteur Paris

Primary Indication: Prevention of TB disease

Other Indication(s): Prevention of Mtb infection or sustained infection, Prevention of TB disease, and Prevention of TB recurrence

Target Population(s): Adolescents, Adults, Children, and Infants

Target Route of Administration: Intradermal

Immune tissue localization: Lung and Lymph node

Immunological responses: T-cell

Preclinical Animal Models: Guinea pig and Mouse

Intended to elicit trained immunity: Yes

Additional Immunologic Response Information

Immune ResponseT-cell
T-cell phenotypeCD4
T-cell functional profileIFN-γ
Induction of cytosolic immune signalling
Preferential immune tissue localizationLung
Lymph node
Trained immunityYes

Additional Information

The vaccine candidate is used in the framework of the EU-supported TBVAC-Horizon project.